Alvaro and Dagiana just got married 3 weeks ago and were on their honeymoon from Peru! Alvaro contacted me about getting photos that represented Los Angeles other than the beach so I suggested that we meet in downtown LA at the Department of Water & Power (LADWP). There’s nothing that screams Los Angeles than the city skyline itself so we took advantage of the beautiful weather that day. While we walked to the location, Alvaro and I connected right away with our engineering background and how I decided to pursue my true passion in wedding and portrait photography. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I can connect with so many people doing what I love. Anyway, we ended the session at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and while we were there, people passing by were saying congratulations to them! Well, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as  i did taking them!


Interested in get a family photo shoot in downtown LA. Love the pictures by the Wayer and Piwer building. What time of the day the photos need to be taken there? I know you need the sunlight

How much is the price for a photo sesión with you?

Hi Claudia! Best time to photograph there is about an hour before sunset in the afternoon. Fill out the contact form for me and let’s talk! Thanks so much!

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