The B.Y.C. Story

I’m Benny Chiu, the B and C of BYC Photography. Y is for Yvonne, the woman I love, married and the mother to our two precious sons. I created the name BYC because of its symbolism. I am a full time international award winning wedding photographer because my wife has stood by me and supported my dream. Although she's not a photographer herself, it is only fitting that even in my business, she anchors me.


Photographs are the most versatile medium that we have to pass down our legacy. It allows us to give future generations a glimpse into our moment in time. We turn an experience into an art form so that Your story can be told beautifully.

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About Benny

I am an International Multi-Award-Winning wedding photographer and a Canon Live Learning instructor. I was always the guy who took pictures of everyone and everything. It's no surprise that I pursued my dream of being a professional wedding photographer. I love people, I love to laugh and I love pictures that capture the moment. I live to document life, emotions, true love and your personality as it happens. You may even find me a little teary eyed behind the camera because I am that invested. Every photo I capture is to leave a legacy for the future generation to cherish. I can't wait to meet the both of you and learn about your story.

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