Say Hi to the Guiang siblings!

Stephy contacted me about a portrait session with her siblings because the last time they got together was about 5 years ago so it meant a lot to get these photos taken while everyone is in town over the Christmas break.   The wind that day was unreal, trees were getting blown over the place and dust clouds were covering up the sun. Since it’s so rare for her family to be together, we decided that we should just go for the session anyway and make the best of it. When we go to the park, the wind had stopped and it was as peaceful as it can be. How awesome! We were so glad that it worked out. We strolled around the park and found some beautiful sun light peaking through the trees and ended it with them throwing some leaves at the camera! One more thing! This was also a surprise shoot so they can surprise their mom with a photo book! So shhhhh……..


beautiful session, so fun!

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